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What is Browser Hijacker?

Browser Hijacker: What Is It and How to Remove It?

Browser hijacker is a kind of malware that everyone has likely faced at least once. Have you ever been in a situation when, as you open your browser, you see a new home page, another search engine, or a new add-on that you have never installed? These are the signs of your browser being hijacked. Your browser is of great… Read More »Browser Hijacker: What Is It and How to Remove It?

Dogecoin Scam - Is That Giveaway Real?

Dogecoin scam: how and why

Dogecoin scam is a kind of online fraud, which is based on the manipulation with cryptocurrencies. It appears as an unwanted banner or even a separate page in your web browser. Sometimes, the appearance of these promotions is a sign of malware presence. But first things first, let’s check the things according to their order. What is the Dogecoin scam… Read More »Dogecoin scam: how and why

Pornographic Virus Alert from Microsoft — What is it About?

Pornographic Virus Alert From Microsoft: What is it All About?

Pornographic virus alert from Microsoft is another variation of online scam, which is caused by viruses. On this page, you see the notification that your PC is full of different viruses, and you need to call Microsoft support. However, the “operators” of this support will offer you to do a lot of dubious things. Let’s check the details. What is… Read More »Pornographic Virus Alert From Microsoft: What is it All About?

Google Membership Rewards Scam - Facts and Prevention

Google membership rewards scam – Mar’21 update

Last time, a lot of online scamming pages appeared. Google membership rewards scam is right among them. This website states that Google awards you a valuable prize, like a new iPhone or Amazon gift card. However, these pages are 100% fake, and below you will see the explanations of this fact. Google membership scam is progressing During the whole February,… Read More »Google membership rewards scam – Mar’21 update

Dangerous Browser Extensions - What are They?

Browser extensions: non-obvious danger right under the nose

Browser extensions are a rather useful thing. They make our browsing more comfortable, disabling the ads that can sometimes flood the website so it is hard to read the info you need, as well as create such facilities as the 2FA-assistant or fast notes. But for some strange reasons browser add-ons became an instrument of malware creators, who make money… Read More »Browser extensions: non-obvious danger right under the nose

Adware: Why Advertisements Are Dangerous?

Advertisements are an integral part of modern web browsing. You will see them wherever you browse. Sporting websites, forums, and online shops have 3-5 ads on every page. These web pages are gaining money in such a way, and it must not be an object of complaining – everyone wants to have a penny to buy lunch. But besides website… Read More »Adware: Why Advertisements Are Dangerous?