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Trojan Viruses

What is a Computer Trojan Viruses and what damage can it do? A Trojan, or Trojan Virus, is a type of malware that conceals its accurate content to fool a user into thinking it’s a harmless file.

Deadliest Viruses in History You May Remember in 2022

The Deadliest Viruses In History

Although this year has yet to end, some malware has already earned themselves the “deadliest virus in history” of this year. They made the most appearance and inflicted the biggest damage to users worldwide, and as the year has not ended, the cyber community awaits more from them. These are the most dreadful and dangerous malware with a long history… Read More »The Deadliest Viruses In History

Trojan-miner: reasons and methods

Trojan miner: reasons, distribution, effects

Coin mining trojans appeared not so long ago, getting the fame of “not so dangerous virus”. In one of the previous articles, I mentioned the trojan miner as one of the most active trojan types nowadays. But they are too interesting for me to explain them in a couple of sentences. In this article, you will see the reasons for… Read More »Trojan miner: reasons, distribution, effects

Trojan Virus - How Dangerous is it?

Trojan Virus & Malicious Programs

The majority of users are sure that the viruses are distributed separately. They believe you can’t download one trojan virus, which would contain 5-7 viruses of completely different types. Yes, such an opinion was actually in 2012…2014. However, it was completely wrong in 2023. Thanks to technological development, you can easily download a program declaring that it is capable of,… Read More »Trojan Virus & Malicious Programs