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What is LOBSHOT malware?

Understanding the LOBSHOT Malware and How to Protect Against It

Recently, another novelty in the malware arena has been released. The LOBSHOT is a new malware family that has been causing a stir in the cybersecurity world lately. This potent tool combines backdoor and spyware functionality, making it malware to be reckoned with. Moreover, LOBSHOT uses clever and unusual tactics to spread itself around, making it even more effective. A… Read More »Understanding the LOBSHOT Malware and How to Protect Against It

Metamorphic Virus

What Is A Metamorphic Virus?

A metamorphic virus is a kind of malware that can change its own code and signature patterns with every iteration. The authors of metamorphic viruses apply such techniques as to disguise the malicious code in a way it won’t get detected by antivirus and antimalware programs. Additionally it is done to create the attribution of the malware more difficult. Metamorphic… Read More »What Is A Metamorphic Virus?

Boot Sector Virus

What is a Boot Sector Virus: How to Prevent It

Boot sector virus is a kind of malware that targets the system’s boot partition or the master boot record (MBR) of a hard disk. Boot sector of a disk contains the code and data needed for the start of the computer’s operating system (OS). During the computer’s start up and before it gets detected by the antivirus software the virus… Read More »What is a Boot Sector Virus: How to Prevent It

STOP/Djvu Ransomware Detailed Analysis

Djvu Ransomware

STOP/Djvu ransomware family is individuals’ most widespread ransomware family. This malware type is infamous for its ability to lock the files and then ask you to pay a large sum of money to get them back. Appearing in December 2017, it is one of the oldest ransomware families among the ones that are running these days. STOP/Djvu family has a… Read More »Djvu Ransomware

Script-Based Malware: How Dangerous Is It?

What is Script-Based Malware?

Script-based malware is not a new thing at all, but can definitely be called “new” when we talk about its modern appearance. Scripts were used over a decade ago to deliver malware or do some unpleasant things on infected computers. But their modern nature has changed. Around the edge of the ‘10s, antivirus tools made a large leap forward in… Read More »What is Script-Based Malware?

Computer virus types

Computer virus types. How much computer virus types are there?

Computer viruses is a very wide theme. Describing them all, without missing a thing in one article is pretty hard. So first, let’s start by defining the main computer virus types that are present nowadays.  The term “computer virus” nowadays serves as a global description of all malicious programs. But originally, viruses are… a type of malware. Over a decade… Read More »Computer virus types. How much computer virus types are there?

Ransomware Trends in 2022

Ransomware Trends in 2022

Both simple users, system administrators and virus analysts have the same opinion about ransomware. They usually consider it the most dangerous and unpredictable malware. It is hard to foresee its penetration, and literally impossible to deal with it without using special tools. However, the majority of ransomware units may be blocked with a good antivirus, giving it no chance to… Read More »Ransomware Trends in 2022