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What are Fake Windows Update?

Fake Windows Update in Browser Deliver Aurora Stealer

Updating Windows is the process of fixing security vulnerabilities. However, resourceful cybercriminals have found a way to use this to spread malware. They don’t need to hack anything to do this. Instead, their task is to convince the victim that the fake Windows update is valid. This is how scammers distribute Aurora spyware, disguising it as a Windows update. What… Read More »Fake Windows Update in Browser Deliver Aurora Stealer

Wire Fraud - What is it?

What is Wire Fraud: Protect Your Company From Cybercriminals

Often when we hear about wire fraud scams, the first that comes to mind is low-level email scams. No, you don’t have a distant relative who wants to bequeath you his vast fortune before he dies. You don’t have a wealthy tycoon who lost his passport while traveling and needs your help to get home. And, of course, no Nigerian… Read More »What is Wire Fraud: Protect Your Company From Cybercriminals

Email Spam: Ways to Recognize & Avoid

What Is Spam Email?

Spam is an obsessive advertising or another kind of email that may contain something malicious. This is a huge number of emails for the purpose of advertising a specific product. Botnets are usually responsible for sending those emails. Most often, they contain phishing emails, forgery for something known (FedEx, Amazon, Microsoft, etc) to a non-selective list of recipients. In this… Read More »What Is Spam Email?

What Is Spyware? Definition and Examples

What Is Spyware?

Spyware is a special form of malware that secretly resides inside a targeted device, monitors its activity, and then, for example, steals information like passwords or bank details. One of the most common and oldest threats on the Internet is infecting your computer to conduct various illegal activities like a data breach or identity theft. You can get easily infected… Read More »What Is Spyware?

Ransomware Trends in 2022

Ransomware Trends in 2022

Both simple users, system administrators and virus analysts have the same opinion about ransomware. They usually consider it the most dangerous and unpredictable malware. It is hard to foresee its penetration, and literally impossible to deal with it without using special tools. However, the majority of ransomware units may be blocked with a good antivirus, giving it no chance to… Read More »Ransomware Trends in 2022

Online Security Tips and Tricks

Online security: tips to avoid malware injection & data leaks

There are a lot of branches under the term “cybersecurity”. Computer network security, information security, security of the single computer – all these branches of cybersecurity are very large. And all of them are essential for understanding if you use PC. Online security, an integral part of this enormously actual study, often leaves behind the scene. In this article, you… Read More »Online security: tips to avoid malware injection & data leaks