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Deadliest Viruses in History You May Remember in 2022

The Deadliest Viruses In History

Although this year has yet to end, some malware has already earned themselves the “deadliest virus in history” of this year. They made the most appearance and inflicted the biggest damage to users worldwide, and as the year has not ended, the cyber community awaits more from them. These are the most dreadful and dangerous malware with a long history… Read More »The Deadliest Viruses In History

Malware VS Viruses

Malware VS Viruses

People often confuse the terms “Malware” and “Virus” replacing erroneously their definitions. But in reality two words constitute different notions behind them. So what is the difference between malware and viruses? Let’s find out. What Distinguishes Terms Malware And Virus The term “Malware” means any type of malicious software designed to steal information, damage systems or disrupt the work of… Read More »Malware VS Viruses

Metamorphic Virus

What Is A Metamorphic Virus?

A metamorphic virus is a kind of malware that can change its own code and signature patterns with every iteration. The authors of metamorphic viruses apply such techniques as to disguise the malicious code in a way it won’t get detected by antivirus and antimalware programs. Additionally it is done to create the attribution of the malware more difficult. Metamorphic… Read More »What Is A Metamorphic Virus?